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Acupoint Acupressure Mat Pillow Set – Back And Neck Pain Relief Acupuncture Mat – Reflexology Massage Mat Relieves Stress And Sciatic Pain, Coccyx & Insomnia.

Product Features:

    Attain At-Home Pain Relief With Acupoint's Acupressure Mat The practice of lying on a bed of nails as a means to alleviate bodily pain dates back to thousands of years ago. Once a well-kept secret, acupressure mats are now taking the Western world by storm. At Acupoint, we have…
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Product Description

Attain At-Home Pain Relief With Acupoint’s Acupressure Mat

The practice of lying on a bed of nails as a means to alleviate bodily pain dates back to thousands of years ago.

Once a well-kept secret, acupressure mats are now taking the Western world by storm.

At Acupoint, we have come up with the best acupressure mat you could ever have, to help you enjoy fast relief from pain, gain back your mobility and improve your quality of life, with unprecedented comfort and ease for your spine and entire body.

Choose Acupressure

Here’s just a primer on acupressure’s colossal health benefits:

• Targeted Pain Relief: Increases blood circulation in pained areas & promotes innate production of beneficial hormones, which release blockages & allay pain,coccydynia and other coccyx issues as well as all types of lower and upper back pain with unknown origin or herniated disc pain. The mat can improve pinched nerve pain in your neck or back;

• Muscle & Joint Tension Release: Stimulates nerve function and restores balance in muscle and joint functions, unleashing bottled up tension, naturally increasing your mobility & range of motion;

• Improved Mood, Libido, Sleep & Weight Loss Results: Acupressure points activate the parasympathetic nervous system, calming symptoms of stress & anxiety. Naturally decreasing cortisol levels & restoring balance in your “qi” energy, acupressure helps advance your weight loss goals & boost your libido.

20 Minutes To Pain Relief

That’s how much it takes to sustain long-term freedom from pain.

Use our mat as a reflexology massager, stand barefoot on it while watching TV and take your very own bed of nails on the go and benefit from pain relief, while traveling!

Mat Dimensions: 68 x 42 x 2 cm

Pillow Dimensions: 37 x 15 x 10

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Product Features

  • MOST COMFORTABLE & DURABLE ACUPRESSURE MAT ON AMAZON: Also known as “bed of nails”, yantra mat, shakti or acupuncture mat, acupuncture mats should NOT provide the literal feeling of lying on nails! Acupoint’s acupressure mat features THOUSANDS of acupressure points, which contour around your pained areas and provide an otherworldly comfortable sensation, as well as swift pain relief. Made from high quality materials, you are investing in an acupressure mat which is made to last you FOR LIFE!
  • YOUR PORTABLE THERAPIST: Unlike costly, often ineffective acupuncture, chiropractor and physical therapy sessions, our acupressure mat is an affordable solution for at-home pain relief. Lightweight, portable and extremely durable, you can lay on our mat or stand on it barefoot and reap the benefits of a professional-grade reflexology massage, ANYWHERE you might be! beat herniated disc pain, fibromyalgia pain, and improve poor blood circulation.
  • TREMENDOUS PAIN RELIEF BENEFITS: Acupressure provides fast and safe relief from neck, shoulder, back, coccyx, hip & joint pain, while it is ideal for anyone suffering from migraines, chronic pain, back pain, sciatic nerve pain or pinched nerve pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis and a host of other long-term conditions causing debilitating pain. It also helps combat insomnia, as it improves circulation and boosts endorphin production, leading to an improved mood and an overall better quality of life.
  • WITH ACUPRESSURE PILLOW & MAT CARRYING BAG!: Purchase your own acupressure mat, today and benefit from a VALUE for money offer! Each mat is accompanied by an acupressure pillow, which will help you target stiff muscles in the neck area and lower back. alleviate migraines and headaches, with incomparable ease! Additionally, our mat’s sleek carrying bag allows effortless portability, so you never have to go without your prized acupressure mat, while at the gym or during travel!
  • MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: DARE to COMPARE! We are offering you a Risk-Free Purchase. Try out our mat and in the unlikely event it fails to meet or exceed your expectations, we will REFUND your purchase IN FULL! Get Now The Best Acupressure Mat On The Market!